201 Foldable Tablet Bed Stand

Title: 201 Foldable Tablet Bed Stand
Sale price$89.95


CaseBuddy Desk Stands & Mounts.

The 201 stand provides you with a safe and secure mount for your tablet PC, Phone.
Makes your tablet PC, Phone at an easy-to-read angle, allowing you to watch movies,view photos or type in a more comfortable position.
Makes it convenient to enjoy yourself at bed, on beach or anywhere you want.Now you can read & watch at any where.
Easy to bring it with you. After use, you can loosen the handle before folding and then begin folding according to opening in the reverse direction. Store away.


  • Angle scope: -40°- 280°
  • Height scope: 27-38 cm
  • Height adjustment: Botton, grade 6
  • Inner width: 52 cm
  • Folded size: 9.7 * 7.0 * 40.3 cm
  • Width for iPad: ≤24.5

Package Includes:

  • 1 * Tablet Bed Stand

    Full access to all of your device's features and cable management feature keeps your workspace free of clutter 

    Case Buddy offers the same desk stands found at most retail stores but a far larger range of colours, sizes and options.

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