iPad 9.7 Leather Look Folio Case

Title: Black iPad 9.7 Leather Look Folio Case
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CaseBuddy iPad 9.7 Leather Look Folio Case
8 exciting colours to chose from

This polyurethane leather case will ease your mind about damaging your slick new iPad 9.7. Available in 8 exciting colours, and customisable in orders of over 100 this iPad 9.7 case is the perfect incarnation of the iPad cases you have come to enjoy on previous models. Simple, professional, perfect and effective.The iPad 9.7 Leather Look Folio is ideal for all iPad 9.7 use: business, recreational or educational. The iPad 9.7 Leather Look Folio Case is ideal when:

  • Reading news with your iPad 9.7
  • Watching a movie with your iPad 9.7
  • Playing a game with your iPad 9.7
  • Writing emails with your iPad 9.7
  • Following a recipe on your iPad 9.7
  • Searching the web using your iPad 9.7
  • Presenting to a client on your iPad 9.7
  • Checking sports scores with your iPad 9.7
  • Running your favourite app on your iPad 9.7
  • And more...


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