iPad Pro 10.5 Justa Smart Case

Title: Red iPad Pro 10.5 Justa Smart Case
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Apple iPad Pro 10.5 Justa Smart Case

Slim yet tough protection

The Justa Smart Case provides excellent protection against accidental drops, knocks and scrapes while adding minimal bulk to your sleek Apple iPad Pro 10.5. The Slim Tough Case enhances the already Justab styling of your iPad Pro 10.5 and keeps it protected, so that it will stay looking as good as the day you bought it.

Stylish textured finish looks good and adds grip

The Justa Smart Case isn't just about protecting your iPad Pro 10.5, it's also Justa stylish with a textured finish that gives your phone a unique look. This finish also helps improve grip so you're less likely to drop your iPad Pro 10.5 in the first place, resisting fingerprints so your case will look newer for longer.

Enhanced dust-proof protection to controls

Protection against drops and scrapes is great, but if your iPad Pro 10.5 is prone to dust and dirt getting inside then it will eventually suffer internal damage that can be costly to repair. The Justa Smart Case however features dust-proof protection to the buttons around the sides, which helps reduce the risk of damage.

Complete access to all ports and buttons

Although this case offers the ultimate protection from scrapes and drops, it doesn't compromise on usability to do so. All buttons, cameras, speakers and ports of the Apple iPad Pro 10.5 are readily accessible - so you'll never have to take the case off to use your phone.

  • Protects Apple iPad Pro 10.5 surface against abrasion and cover scratch marks
  • Protects Apple iPad Pro 10.5 from dust, fingerprints and bumps
  • Anti skid Design , prevents Apple iPad Pro 10.5 from sliding down
  • Apple iPad Pro 10.5 easy to be inserted and removed
  • Made of high-quality materials, very strong and durable in usage
  • Perfect design enables you to easy control all the Apple iPad Pro 10.5 buttons and connectors

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