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Premium iPhone 6 Plus Mirror Guard
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Premium Mirror Screen Guard for iPhone 6 Plus

This high quality Screenguard will fully protect your iPhone 6 Plus LCD screen from scratches and dust. It is a mirror film that will just work like a mirror once applied to your LCD screen if turned off. Once your phone is switched on the mirror effect will magically disappear.

A scratch-free phone can be achieved through different ways. You can use a high quality case, for example. You may even be simply extra careful. You can also use a screen guard. A screen guard is a thin sheet of mirror film that can be placed on top of your iPhone's screen to protect it from both scratches and dust. So, basically you get a choice as to what method of protection you prefer. You can even combine all three.

If you have to choose just one method, what will you pick? The case will just guard the front of the phone. Being careful all the time is hard to sustain. Accidents do happen. Your phone may be placed in a bag full of other stuff, some of them sharp. A scratch on the screen is very much possible, if not inevitable, in such cases.

The best thing to do is use a Screenguard Mirror Protection that is made especially for the iPhone. This thin sheet of transparent film can be easily placed on top of your iPhone's screen. It is also not much of an additional expense. Even at a cheap price, the product protects your phone from scratches and dust. You can combine the protection it provides with the protection that some cases can provide for the back surface of the iPhone.

  • Compatible with new Apple iPhone 6 Plus
  • Premium crystal clear screen protector
  • Bonus MiniSuit microfiber screen cleaner cloth
  • Easy access to all buttons, port and camera


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