Stylus Pens The Slim High Touch Silver

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After countless requests we now have developed a durable capacitive stylus with a ball point pen. The new Slim High Touch stylus features two ends. The larger 6mm diameter tip is a High Touch Sensitivity tip which offers superior durability and functionality to regular 6-8mm soft silicone tips. The other end is a ball point pen, perfect for taking notes old school style.
The Slim Stylus includes:
  • Slim design
  • High Touch sensitivity capacitive end for clicking and writing
  • Fine ball point pen
  • Suitable for any capacitive touch display iPad, iPhone, Android
  • Available in black or silver

This innovative little stylus will work on the touch screen of any capactive device, meaning the they will work as an:

  • iPad Stylus
  • iPhone Stylus
  • iPod Touch Stylus
  • Android Stylus
  • Windows Mobile Stylus

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