Traveller Deluxe Fabric

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CaseBuddy's Traveller Deluxe Fabric

Perfect for travellers, this rugged canvas bag is your perfect carry on luggage partner.  Large enough to fit a cardigan, phone, cameras plus your iPad and/or netbook and a few personal items. This bag is finished in 5 different colour canvases with toughened hardware & zippers and leather highlights.

Size: 28cm x 37cm x 14cm

  • 5 different coloured canvas options
  • Textured polyurethane leather highlights
  • Perfect for your personal items plus a netbook or tablet
  • Super tough zippers and hardware
  • Available in sleek midnight black or three different shades of brown

With its soft fabric outer and durable synthetic internal structure, you get the best mix of natural and man made materials at cost and quality which are second to none.

Case Buddy offers unique bags, backpacks and messengers not to be found at other retail stores! Order today and we'll ship it to your home or business within 3-9 business days or even faster! 

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