Wooden Apple Pencil Charger

Color: Dark Wooden Apple Pencil Charger
Sale price$69.95


CaseBuddy Wooden Apple Pencil Charger.

Wooden charger stand is designed for Apple iPad Pro Pencil to charge and place the device.


  • Stylish and convenient charger stand for Apple pencil.
  • Easier to hold your pencil or cap with a holes.
  • Keep the pencil from rolling off the desk. 
  • Eco-friendly with wooden materials.
  • Wooden style to decorate your desk with good taste.
  • Fashionable and beautiful, perfect gift for friends.
  • Charging cable is not included and need to set up by yourself.


  • Material: walnut, maple (optional)
  • Item size: 4.2 * 4.1 * 4.1cm / 1.65 * 1.61 * 1.61in (L * M * H) 
  • Item weight: 51.8g / 1.82oz
  • Package size: 7 * 5.2 * 5.2cm / 2.75 * 2.04 * 2.04in (L * M * H)
  • Package weight: 67.1g / 2.36oz

Package List:

  • 1 * Charger stand

This item only charges for Apple Pencil.
Package list only include a charger stand. Tablet, pen and other accessories are not included.

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